We are a leading provider of a dedicated, private ERP
hosting platform for both cloud and legacy ERP solutions.

What defines Ascend ERP Cloud?

  • The complete focus on the clients and industries we serve.
  • Our commitment to deliver state of the art ERP Cloud strategies and solutions.
  • Our depth of knowledge and experience to serve emerging organizations, regional corporations, and global enterprises.
  • Our dedication to putting our clients best interests first, sometimes at our own expense.
  • Out strength, vision, and viability to be your long term business partner.
Our team members come from successful careers in ERP
implementation and http://englishhomeworkhelp.co.uk/ consulting and we’ve designed our cloud platform to be optimized specifically for ERP hosting.

What sets us apart from most of our competitors?

We know the ERP applications being hosted on our cloud platform.
Other cloud providers simply provision space and turn you loose.  Compliance, Patch Management, Server Admin and many other functions are not included or even offered with other providers.

We provision your space in our environment and work with you to get otimal placement of your applications to provide you with the best possible performance, the lowest costs and the highest level of security to ensure your ERP platform is always available and always secure.



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